Friday, April 4, 2014

"Born Into Brothels"

4. List the various challenges that the children faced in their lives. Which issue do you think represented the biggest challenge for them?

I think that some of the issues the children faced dealt with education and money. They had to work very early in the morning and all day in order to have enough to just live. There is no time to rest for these children. They were also exposed to prostitution and parents dealing with drugs. They have no education and school's don't want them because their parents do illegal things and won't accept if a child is HIV positive. In my opinion it's not fair that these boys and girls have to pay for something their parents do. They are not at fault or to blame for the actions their parents choose to take. I feel like the country should want a change in the people and they could start off by giving everyone an education and an opportunity to better their future and themselves. In order to decrease the amount of drug dealing, illegal selling and prostitution.

8. In what ways do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
b. It's possible that the lives of many more kids than just these seven or eight will be helped by what she started.

I agree and disagree with the statement. I agree because money and education are the two most important things they needed and they were getting it. But i disagree because although the next generation got the opportunity to have a school, the seven or eight didn't receive that. Not every child in that country was helped and once again it's not fair that some may have to be left out.

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