Friday, January 31, 2014


      Perspective changes the way I see myself because I have not seen myself in every perspective. My hands are seen by me all day everyday. I use them to brush my teeth, to open doors, to write notes, to type on the computer and many other things. But my face is not something I see all day. Unless I'm surrounded by mirrors the whole day, but that's not the case. I see my face when I look at myself in the mirror when randomly strolling by one at the mall, or in my bathroom or room. The only other way I see my face is by a picture. Therefore, the Bird Eye View came as no big deal to me while the Normal Eye View led me to think and analyze. I began to wonder if that's how I truly look to others. Through Eye view, you get a clear image of what people around you see. Through Bird's eye view you can take a look at what people who are standing over you see. I can notice what my facial expression was if a picture is taken through eye view. But in my Bird's Eye view you can't notice.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Olympia by Manet

Titian. Venus of Urbino. 1538. Oil Paint. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy.
      As a class, we analyzed two paintings that were very similar to each other yet had their differences. Both paintings invlolved a naked woman lying on a bed covering one of her parts with the left hand. One of the paintings we took a look at was Venus of Urbino by Titian. We used different techniques such as, observing objects, noticing our feelings, noticing our focal points and making conclusions. Many conclusions can be brought up regarding this painting. One being that people in power can be indifferent to bad things going on.
      Our eyes from this painting can go on to view three main things, the naked lady on the bed, the two women in the back or the background which gives us a little view of the house which they are in. My attention was brought to the colors being used, wine red grabs our attention. This color is usually present in royalty and wealth. The background where we can see what seems to be a hallway, looks like the house where they are isn't just an ordinary house but where important people live. In order for you to be lying naked comfortably, you must be in a place where you feel welcomed, in a place you know and you are comfortable in. This is one of the reasons we can think that the lady in the forefront is powerful. He posture seems very relaxed, and she holds either rose petals or grapes, another symbol of wealth. She also wears a headband that makes her look more like a goddess and a bracelet. The way she is, is also the way the puppy is. They're both resting as if with no care in the world, even if there's a scene behind them. Her face seems pleasant and has a smirk, some sort of seducing look it seems. Her naked body shows she doesn't care if she's not covered, just like the powerful may not care of the situations going around them.
      The scene behind the powerful woman is of two other woman who are covered from shoulders to feet. One of the women is on her knees while the other is watching over her, standing beside her. The one on her knees isn't very visible, all we are able to see is the back of her body but we cannot take a look at her facial expression or what her arms are doing. The colors in the back are darker than where the naked lady lays. The lady standing is rolling up her sleeves which all of these visuals give us a clue that perhaps the lady on her knees is getting punished or the lady standing is about to help her. Maybe the "goddess" did harm to the woman on her knees. Whatever the case may be, the powerful woman is not looking back.
       The woman in the front may not be aware of what's going on or simply doesn't care. She looks at us with a relaxed face, no sign of her getting up or looking behind her. Symbolically, the gazing away from the tense scene behind her represents the privilege she holds, of being able to be ignorant to the problems and troubles others may have nearby.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Online Photography

                 Assignment 1

The ways in which I participate in online 
photography is through social media sites 
such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
I have accounts in Hi5 and Photobucket 
which I haven't deleted but I don't use anymore. 
Tumblr was also one of my favorites which 
I use once in a while. I usually post pictures 
of myself or with friends, I try not to put 
any family pictures because they do not 
like it. The account I use most often would 
be Instagram. My account can be 
found by clicking here !