Thursday, February 6, 2014

Perspective can change the way people view themselves or view others. There are various types of perspectives, such as the worm's eye view, the bird's eye view, your eye view, mystery view and others. My picture on the left is the normal eye view, the one on the right is the bird eye view. I'm sitting in the same place, almost the same posture but yet these two pictures are very different from each other.
      The photo on the right (Normal Eye View) is a picture where someone sitting next to me could see me as. You can see my face and notice that I am looking at a different direction. One may ask why? My eyes aren't set straight towards the camera. People may assume I'm looking at someone because there seems to be some interest in me. Unlike the second photo, you can easily notice my facial expression. This perspective was interesting to me because I could see how people view me. I've always wondered how others see me.

      The second photo is of my hands. You can slightly see my body and notice that I am sitting next to a computer keyboard. Conclusions can be made that I am at school using the computer to do work. There's not much way to tell what it is I'm feeling due to the fact that my face is not visible. All there is are my hands to see. This view, the bird's eye view can lead a person to make many different assumptions. One may say I am mad and I just slammed the hand on the desk. Assuming my anger came from a friend who didn't want to help me do the project, since there is a computer keyboard and folder. Another may just make the assumption that I am showing my nails to my fellow classmate. Two different conclusions with two different emotions because there's no way to tell if I am mad, happy, sad or any other type of feeling.

      Perspective changes the way I see myself because I have not seen myself in every perspective. My hands are seen by me all day everyday. I use them to brush my teeth, to open doors, to write notes, to type on the computer and many other things. But my face is not something I see all day. Unless I'm surrounded by mirrors the whole day, but that's not the case. I see my face when I look at myself in the mirror when randomly strolling by one at the mall, or in my bathroom or room. The only other way I see my face is by a picture. Therefore, the Bird Eye View came as no big deal to me while the Normal Eye View led me to think and analyze. I began to wonder if that's how I truly look to others. Through Eye view, you get a clear image of what people around you see. Through Bird's eye view you can take a look at what people who are standing over you see. I can notice what my facial expression was if a picture is taken through eye view. But in my Bird's Eye view you can't notice.

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